Chicken Pâté with Espelette hot chili pepper

Chicken Pâté with Espelette hot chili pepper

This chicken pâté with Espelette pepper is a perfect blend of savoury chicken pâté with the flavours and aromas of South-Western France.

Basque pepper

A staple cooking ingredient in Basque kitchens (Pyrenées-Atlantiques), Espelette pepper is highly appreciated for its fragrant aroma developed after a long sun-drying period. It has been livening up recipes in the Aquitaine region for at least five hundred years now. This condiment provides a subtle flavour that gives chicken pâté that extra special touch.

Be bold and surprise your guests

For an impromptu and unusual appetiser or starter, try the uniquely fragrant flavour of this chicken pâté with Espelette pepper. Gentle on the taste buds, this pâté will delight the palates of young and old alike – perfect served with a simple green salad dressed with a splash of oil.

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  • Glass jar 90g
  • picto


  • Pork meat*
  • Chicken livers* (26%)
  • Chicken meat* (20%)
  • Pork fat*
  • Egg
  • Spices
  • Manioc starch
  • Salt
  • Espelette pepper (0.5%)
  • Flavouring
  • Preservative: sodium nitrite

*French origin

Nutritional informations

Per 100g
Energy values 277 kcal / kJ
Fat 23g
Of which saturated fatty acids 8.4g
Carbohydrates 2.4g
Of which sugars 0.6g
Proteins 15g
Salt 1.1g

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