Chicken Terrine with Mustard

Chicken Terrine with Mustard

Hénaff Sélection’s chicken terrine with whole-grain mustard combines the fine, delicate taste of delicious chicken pieces with the sharp flavour of whole-grain mustard. A delicious gourmet experience to share with family or friends.

Strength and subtlety

Hénaff Sélection’s chicken terrine with whole-grain mustard brings you a sophisticated, authentic recipe made with top-quality products. Hénaff has rigorously selected the very best morsels of chicken, to ensure the delicate, subtle flavour of its terrine. The flavours are balanced by the sharpness of whole-grain mustard, giving the terrine its unexpected blend of flavours and aromas. A surprising recipe full of flavour.

Surprise and delight

Share the subtle aromas and sharp flavour contrasts to enjoy an exceptional taste experience. Spread on a slice of spelt or sour dough bread, this chicken terrine with whole-grain mustard is sure to delight gourmets everywhere. It can also be served with dinner appetisers accompanied by some fresh, crunchy vegetable sticks.

Format disponible :90 g jar

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Available formats
  • Glass jar 90g


    • Pork meat*
    • Chicken livers* (25%)
    • Chicken meat* (20%)
    • Pork fat*
    • Whole-grain mustard (5%) (water, mustard grains, vinegar, salt)
    • Egg
    • Muscat raisins
    • Manioc starch
    • Herbs (0,7%)
    • Sea salt
    • Flavourings
    • Pepper

    *French origin

    Nutritional informations

    Per 100g
    Energy values270 kcal / 1118 kJ
    Of which saturated fatty acids8.9g
    Of which sugars0.8g

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