Duck Mousse

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If you are fond of gourmet foods, this duck liver mousse is for you. Its smooth taste will tantalise your taste buds.

A perfect example of French know-how. It’s not enough just to have top-quality poultry, you also have to know how to prepare it. Hénaff’s duck liver mousse stands out amongst all others thanks to its smooth consistency. Made with simple, authentic and delicious ingredients, this mousse has a unique taste and perfectly smooth texture. A treat for both the eyes and the palate.

The art of attraction. Its authentic taste is ideal for introducing children to flavourful foods. Easy to dress up, it will be popular with parents: on toasts or in a sandwich, at parties or picnics, duck liver mousse is a perennial favourite. For enthusiasts, try spreading on a slice of fruit loaf.

  • Can 78g
  • Can 115g
  • Pack of 3x78g
  • picto


  • Pork fat*
  • Milk
  • Lean duck liver* (20%)
  • Duck fat* (13%)
  • Chicken livers*
  • Salt
  • Porto (1%)
  • Sugar
  • Spices
  • Preservative: sodium nitrite

*French origin

Informations nutritionnelles

Par 100g
Valeurs énergétiques 388 kcal / 1602 kJ
Matières grasses 38g
Dont acides gras saturés 14g
Glucides 2.4g
Dont sucres 2g
Protéines 9.1g
Sel 1.4g

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