Duck Rillettes

Duck Rillettes

Hénaff Sélection brings you its duck rillettes – a simple recipe made with top-quality products. Made with pure duck meat and a hint of pepper and sea salt to bring out the flavours. Nothing else – free of colourings or preservatives.

Long, slow cooking time. It takes time to do things right. Hénaff Sélection’s duck rillettes are cooked slowly and gently. A cooking time of several hours that gently confits the morsels of meat, giving the rillettes their unique taste.

Rillettes always ready to serve. Hénaff Sélection duck rillettes are perfect for sharing among food lovers. Rich in fibre and with a smooth, creamy texture – a delight for the palate. Served on a slice of brown bread or a French baguette, they are always ready for spreading.

Format:90 g jar

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Available formats
  • Glass jar 90g


    • Duck meat* (74%)
    • Duck fat* (20%)
    • Duck trimmings* (4.5%)
    • Sea salt
    • Spices

    *French origin

    Nutritional informations

    Per 100g
    Energy values339 kcal / 1406 kJ
    Of which saturated fatty acids7.3g
    Of which sugars0.5g

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