Roasted Chicken Rillettes

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Chicken, and nothing else. Hénaff’s roast chicken rillettes are 100% “natural”. Ready to eat and enjoy!

Authentically tasty. Free of artificial colouring, flavouring and preservative. Henaff’s pot-roasted chicken rillettes are made naturally. Containing 90% chicken of French origin, a little onion, sea salt, pepper, spices and seasoning… the rillettes are just about ready. A short list of ingredients and an authentic flavour. All that is needed now is a long, slow cooking time that gives the rillettes their smoothness and even consistency.

Just like the Sunday chicken roast. Chicken pieces are cooked with their skin well browned. This gives rillettes with the characteristic flavour of pot-roast chicken. Hénaff has invented a Sunday roast chicken that you can spread! Take the rillettes out of the fridge a little while before eating. Their flavour is much richer at room temperature.

  • Can 72g
  • Pack of 3x72g
  • Glass jar 180 g
  • picto


  • Chicken meat* (90%)
  • Duck fat*
  • Onion
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • Spices and seasoning

*French origin

Nutritional informations

Per 100g
Energy values 322 kcal / 1335 kJ
Fat 28g
Of which saturated fatty acids 11g
Carbohydrates 0.6g
Of which sugars < 0.5g
Proteins 17g
Salt 1g

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